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Centering around comedy and talk, BM Talk with Marc & Bob is a mash-up of news, sports, wrestling, conversation, comedy and interviews in the style of a wacky morning radio show that is posted to your favorite listening platform every Saturday at 6PM EST. Unlike other podcasts, the show is “recorded live to tape” meaning that it is presented in the original form that is was recorded in. The spontaneous comedy of hosts, Marc & Bob is captured, whether it be movie & TV show parodies, funny songs, bits and living life in a small city (Utica, NY). These are all written, produced, and performed by Marc & Bob.

December 13, 2018

Episode 58

In this live episode, the guys are back after 2 weeks, yes again they took a two-week hiatus. They talked about why the show has been so sporadic lately, the Banning of Christmas songs and some other Christmas songs that are not so Christmassy. They may have found their first sponsor in Joe's Pizza of Whitesboro, when talking to the owner live on the air. Bob talks about what happened a couple weeks ago when he missed his live rap show. He talks about how the paramedics dropped him and how is MS acted up and he couldn't make it to the show. It didn't help that Marc canceled on him at the last minute like a douchebag, called in sick. They also talked to the new possible number one fan Nicole and how they're going to have her in the studio in a couple days. They come up with a new premise for a sitcom or cartoon. Then they take a trip down memory lane and look at all the old bits and ideas that never went anywhere except the notebook. Also they mention how they're going to improve the show in the next year.

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